5 Ways to Avoid Potential Disasters at Your Wedding
Written by Michael Liedtke on November 8th, 2018
You don't deserve a disaster at your upcoming wedding.

Therefore, I wrote this article to help you properly prepare for one of the best days of your life and not have something happen that could ruin your wedding. 

I have heard all sorts of horror stories, but the video below will say it all. 
Could you imagine spending months, or even over a year, just to have your wedding go down in flames? 

The worst part is that this could have been prevented by just taking better precautions. 

Whoever supplied the sparklers made a grave mistake not considering the wind and what was also directly above them. 

I could only imagine that a little bit more prep work would have prevented this. 

Maybe hiring a professional would have been the way to go, which leads me to my first point.
1. Hire Professional Vendors
This should go without saying, but many engaged couples really try to cut corners on this one. 

I understand wanting to hire a friend or family member to sing a song or two during the ceremony or reception, and that's totally fine! 

However, hiring your friend to be your DJ, bartender, or even a wedding planner can lead to disaster if they do not provide this service professionally. 
People don’t usually realize how important a wedding is until it happens, and when things start going wrong, they usually start to regret their decisions to cut costs on wedding vendors. 

You're not just paying for their presence, but you are also getting their expertise to provide the best service for your wedding. 


Hiring a professional bartender ensures that they are licensed and insured to serve alcohol, and they will have experience in knowing when to cut someone off for their own safety. They will not be biased when it comes to cutting off certain individuals. 
If you have a friend who everyone knows bartend your wedding, they will be much more likely to over serve your guests. 

Professional Bartenders, of course, have plenty of experience mixing a lot of cool drinks that may have been created for other weddings, allowing you and your guests to try new and unique drinks.

Wedding Coordinator

Hiring a professional coordinator will allow you to worry less about the execution of your wedding and focus more on just having fun because the wedding coordinator will make sure that everything and goes according to schedule.
The coordinator will have plenty of experience working with other vendors to make sure that everything goes according to plan, and they will also work closely with the DJ the day of your wedding to make sure the DJ makes all the announcements on time.


Hiring a professional DJ instead of your friend is also a good idea because the DJ will provide professional equipment and will keep the flow of the timeline in order and on schedule, while interacting with all of your guests.

I can't tell you how many weddings I have attended as solely an MC because the couple hired a DJ who was their friend and only charged them $200 to do their wedding. 

I have to give them credit for hiring an MC, though, because at least the MC can keep things on schedule. 

However, the DJ usually had a very unprofessional setup with drinks right next to his DJ controller, as well as cables that were laying on the ground freely. 

Major hazard.

The only time it would be acceptable to hire a friend is if they actually provide their service for weddings regularly. I have DJ'd many weddings for friends and we always treat them the same way as a regular client, and it's always a lot of fun! 

We won't be more lenient with the service that we provide because that's not fair to them, and we want to maintain consistency across every wedding that we do.

I would also make sure that you make sure every vendor is hired no later than 6 months out! 
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2. Hire a Wedding Coordinator
We have been to many weddings that didn’t have a coordinator.

The bride or groom wanted to save money by planning and coordinating it themselves. This causes a huge headache because they essentially had to run their own wedding while also trying to enjoy it.

Wedding coordinators will take care of every aspect of your wedding, allowing you to just sit back and enjoy with your family and guests. 

You can focus more on having a great time and interacting with all of your guests instead of having to communicate with all of the vendors there to make sure that everything stays on schedule. 

Here is a well-known wedding coordinator in Southern California who will provide an exceptional planning service:

Perfect The Event


3. Finalize the Timeline No More Than Two Months Out
If you have a wedding coordinator, they will help you build the timeline for your wedding. 

Having a professional wedding coordinator will ensure that the timeline makes sense and has appropriate times for each event based on their experience with past weddings. 

Finishing the timeline two months before the wedding allows you enough time to make any last-minute changes leading up to the day of your wedding, which can then be communicated to all of the other vendors.

We have done many weddings where the timeline was given to us a few days before the wedding, which made things a bit unorganized to say the least.

Take time building the timeline and make sure every detail is covered. 

Things like planning what the bridal party will do when going through the grand entrance or how long the dances will be are little details that will make it that much more organized when the wedding happens.
4. Set the Wedding Date Over a Year Out
A lot of people rush to get married, even if they don’t have the money for it. 

Weddings are not cheap. 

The average wedding in Orange County costs $36,745. You could buy a brand new Ford Mustang GT or even a Tesla model 3 for that price. 

That being said, setting the wedding over a year and a half to 2 years out will allow you to save money for the wedding if it’s all out of pocket. 

This should go without saying, but this also gives you plenty of time to prepare and plan your wedding. 

This way, you have time to adjust if something changes, or if there is a family emergency that you need to take care of, or if any other sudden incident occurs. 

Take the time to plan out your wedding because time will fly by so fast, and you don’t want to be caught a month out from your wedding with nothing planned or prepared. 

An unorganized wedding can be such a headache to go through, especially for the bride and groom if they are stuck regulating and delegating during their own wedding.
5. Don't Cut Corners in Your Budget
I get it. 

You may be so excited to get married that you just want to plan it sooner and make it as affordable as possible so it can happen sooner. I would highly advise NOT doing this.

You’re definitely going to want to hire professionals that will have plenty of experience rocking weddings and making sure it’s as awesome as you deserve it to be. 

If it costs a little more, save up for it. You’ll be glad you did.

There have been many weddings that I have attended as a DJ where they cut costs like nobody’s business. 

Having a friend bartend or having cheap furniture for every guests that can only support about 100 pounds is just a disaster waiting to happen.

If you’re really struggling to come up with extra funds for the wedding, take on some small side jobs and put that money away for your wedding. Otherwise, you can just hold the wedding off a bit. 

With proper planning and saving, you will be able to set a budget and make sure you have all of that money when time comes to start planning. 

Set goals and deadlines for yourself so that you’re willing to work a little harder to get that extra cash for your wedding. 

A wedding IDEALLY happens once in a lifetime, so why not go all out and make it as amazing as possible? 

I get it, some people have different wants and desires, but most people that I have met are just eager to get married without ever being prepared for it. It is a huge milestone in your life and many people don’t realize how special and big of a moment it is, so they just rush to have the wedding. Don’t be like those people. 
In Conclusion
I hope this has helped you get a better understanding on how to properly prepare for your wedding. This will be a huge day for you, so make sure it’s perfect. 

I may not know you personally, but I can tell you that you don’t deserve a disaster to happen at your wedding. 

Nobody does! 

Take time to research the vendors who you’re going to hire. Get to know them a little bit, ask the right questions, and take enough time to think about your decisions. 

You can never be too careful, and don't think about if you're being too difficult with the vendors you hire. It's your wedding, so you deserve for it to be memorable, awesome, and as perfect as can be!

- Michael Liedtke

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